About Us


We are a dynamic creative media company, which aims to offer a one-stop shop for both digital and print design to small and medium size enterprises. At AnPat Media we welcome clients from both the local and global community.

We have access to a professional team of designers, SEO/PPC specialists and copy editors/proofreaders that gives us the ability to offer a wide range of services covering document, graphic and website design, as well as editorial services and internet marketing. We make use of a VPS (Virtual Private Server) where we can host and manage our client sites, as well purchase and manage domain names. As a partner with several printers, we can provide good quality low cost printing. We are also now able to offer non-geographic numbers for free.

About the Founder

About Us - Founder

Andrew Paton is the director and founder of AnPat Media, which has been fashioned out by his love of design and a strong desire to serve the wider community. Andrew has both a degree in Web Design (Media Technology) from UWS (University of West Scotland) and a postgraduate diploma in Information and Library Studies from Robert Gordon University. He has several years experience of freelancing, over four years of working with WordPress and close to six years of managing information resources. Andrew’s specialism’s are, WordPress, blogging, website design, photography, information architecture and graphic design.

Andrew brings to Anpat Media his web design/IT knowledge and information management skills, along with an excellent customer service ethos. Some of the things that Andrew enjoys doing in his spare time are blogging, weight training, photography, country walks, socialising, hill walking (climbed the three highest peaks in the UK), reading and films.

To browse examples of our work you can take a look at our portfolio in your own time.