Why Us


Why UsSix Good Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

 1. No Hidden Costs

With us you pay the quoted/purchase price. You don’t pay more even if it takes us longer, however if you ask for additional work to be carried out over and above the quoted work, then this will incur a further charge. Please see our Client Terms of Engagement.

The main benefit of this method is that you are made aware from the start of what the final cost will be and so enabling you to budget for it.

2. Tailored Design Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Although we offer four main web design packages, these provide examples of what you can get at that price and have a degree of flexibility built into them. This allows you the freedom to remove what you don’t want and add further items that you require. You should however bear in mind that the more customized your package the more the price will differ.

We also build into your website design the ability to expand further down the line should your business require extra pages, or additional capabilities like an ecommerce shopping cart, or a newsletter form. These added additions would of course incur further charges. But what it allows you to do is, to start from a point that meets your needs now and grow as those needs change and as your budget allows.

3. Basic SEO Built In

As part of the web design process basic SEO is built into the site from the start, such as page metadata (title, key words and description). Site optimisation is taught to you as part of the training, which follows after the site has been completed, when you purchase one of the following web design packages; Microsite, CMS or the eCommerce package. You can also upgrade at any time and take advantage of our professional SEO service to get your site near the top of the search rankings.

4. PPC Algorithm-based Bidding System

We make use of an algorithm-based bidding system that enables us to get the finest bid possible for each keyword in a more lucrative approach. This means we are able to pass on the savings to you by charging a lower premium than our competitors for a similar service, without compromising on the high quality.

5. Get Real Time Social Signal Reporting

As part of our package deals we provide real time reporting via a shared Google document. In the report you will get Tasks completed, start count and screenshot, so you can see what you had before we started. Current count, which shows work completed up to now and end count with screenshot, so you can see when the signals where delivered.

6. Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our entire web design process has been fashioned with our customers satisfaction in mind.

We offer a twelve month website warranty following site completion.

Due to the nature of our work being time intensive, we cannot offer refunds on completed designs.