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Creative Services Our creative services provide the following: web design services (selection of our most popular web design packages with prices and our design process, as well as the option for self build), graphic design services for web/social media graphics, illustrations, logo design, as well as photo manipulation and touch up services, document design services for the design/layout of various types of documents and printing, typesetting, formatting, ebook design, ebook covers and document conversion and our editorial services where you will be able to get your documents and online content proofread, edited and formatted.

Web Design Services – We offer 4 main web design packages, Microsite, Information, CMS (Content Management System) and eCommerce. Our packages are designed with a degree of flexibility in them and provide a way for most people to obtain their desired website within their budget. We also provide those clients who are so inclined with the option to self build.

Graphic Design Services – Our graphic design services offer web (banner ads, website headers and favicons), social media graphics, illustrations, ebook covers, customised logo designs, as well as photo manipulation and touch up services.

Document Design Services – Within our document design services we offer typesetting, document formatting, the design/layout of various types of documents and printing, ebook design, as well as ebook covers and document conversions.

Editorial Services – Here you will be able to get your business/personal documents, online content (website/blog), as well as manuscripts and ebook publications proofread, formatted and the copy edited. You can also submit a rough draft for some heavy editing to get that professional polished finish.


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