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According to South Park, ads are evolving and are getting smarter with each passing day. However, this doesn’t mean these new forms are subtler or more effective than traditional ones. No matter how addicted we are to this digital world, a lack of personal touch is something that makes most online advertising methods somewhat less persuasive. This is why companies all over the world still heavily invest in promotional products. With this in mind, here are a few more reasons why promotional products still matter.

Promotional Products

Next Level Business Cards

When you come to think of it, no one ever questions the effectiveness of business cards. In fact, they are considered to be an industry standard. Well, a promotional product is nothing more than printing your credit card content onto a different item. This kind of business promotion can be much more effective than using a business card. You see, when you receive a business card, you just tuck it into your wallet and don’t think about it until you need a contact. On the other hand, a promotional product like a logo t-shirt or an umbrella is a constant reminder of your business. The same goes for accessory gifts like custom wristbands.

Amazing Outreach

The next reason why promotional products are a great marketing tool is because they have the potential for amazing outreach. When you post something on the internet, you have no idea who is going to see it. First it becomes available to all your friends and followers, but with each repost it opens up to a whole new circle of potential customers. The same happens with promotional products. You give out a bag with your logo and contact on it and every time that bag appears in public, you get a free ad. In this way, giving a product to each one of your clients makes them your brand ambassadors.

Better ROI

Sure, no one can argue that advertising through social media isn’t cheaper, but the real question here is not what gets you more noticed, but what brings you a better ROI. One of the greatest problems with digital advertising is the issue of vanity metrics. The fact that your commercial has a lot of views or that your post has a lot of likes, doesn’t have to reflect ROI in any way. On the other hand, a giveaway of promotional products usually results in a high conversion rate. Of course, there are also the costs of promotional material to take into consideration, but when buying in bulk, you are usually entitled to a significant discount.

So Many Options

Finally, there are so many ways in which promo items can help your business and all you have to do is find the right one. For example, handing them out on giveaways is not your only option. You can also give them to your employees, distribute them at trade shows, use them as a reward on teambuilding events and much more. As you can see, it is most commonly used as a tool that helps develop brand loyalty which is something you need when it comes to both your customers and your clients. Finally, you can also use them as a thoughtful gift for your investors, creditors or partners on successfully closing the deal.


From all of this, it becomes more than clear that promotional products are still a valid marketing tool whose effectiveness cannot be disputed. In the age of digitalization, this kind of personal, physical business promotion can feel quite unique. Of course, this is not as viable in every line of work and there are some niches that are more promotional product-friendly than others, which is yet another thing you need to keep in mind. All in all, the era of promotional products in the world of marketing is still far from over.

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