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Getting new camera gear can set you back a pretty penny. Industry professionals can afford spending thousands of dollars on a single piece of equipment in order to get that perfect shot. But for an average Joe who has to think about rent, bills or getting food on the table, the idea of paying that kind of money for a piece of gear may seems ludicrous. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways you can enjoy doing what you love without it burning a hole in your pocket.

Buy Used Camera Gear

Most people are apprehensive when it comes to buying used equipment, as it poses a certain risk. And people want that risk to be as low as possible when spending a good sum of money, which is somewhat difficult when you’re purchasing something used from a person you don’t even know. Fortunately, there are some reputable retailers and online outlets who sell used gear at reasonable prices and offer an excellent exchange and return policies. If you can’t find one near you, you can always use Craigslist and eBay. Just remember to be careful when using these services and always purchase from a user with good standing and positive reviews.

Avoid Expensive Brands

Canon and Nikon are the two manufacturers who are in the very forefront when it comes to making quality cameras and camera gear. Some of their lenses have gained a worldwide recognition and are being used by the leading experts in the industry. However, their prices leave something to be desired. Tokina, Tamron and Sigma lenses can give the giants a run for their money for a fraction of the cost. This is especially true for off-brand accessories like lens hoods and batteries, which often work just as good, or even better than the branded ones.

Camera Gear

Shop Online

Whether it’s using coupons, a wholesaler or simply discovering an awesome holiday sale, the internet is irreplaceable when looking for the best deal possible. People often buy new things just because they can, only to become bored quickly and decide to sell it at a fraction of the original price. People also sell their old gear when they purchase new ones, and oftentimes that used gear is in excellent condition. Also, if you’re an Amazon user, you can give their Prime Membership a try and get in on the discounts available for numerous products.

Try Getting an Older Model

Just because the newest model is released and available for purchase that does not meant that you need to buy it. And this doesn’t always mean that the new model is revolutionary better than the old ones. The manufacturers often keep the same design with slight changes to the performance, which do not explain the jacked up price. Try to time your purchase and wait for the stores to start clearing out old stock, you’d be surprised how much money you can save that way.

Sell Old Camera Gear

When buying new gear, you always get left with the old. Now, instead of boxing it up somewhere in the garage, you can sell it online and get some profit out of it. Just because you’re not using it does not mean that someone else can’t find some use for it. Like everything else, the older your gear gets, the more value it will lose over time. There are a number of retailers dealing with used equipment, but if you want to cut out the middle man, you can always set up a profile on eBay or Craigslist.

Although purchasing new gear can be very exciting at times, you don’t need to get every new piece of equipment that comes out. Yes, good gear can help your business bloom, but gear alone won’t make an amazing photo. You, as a photographer call all the shots and good equipment is just a part of the overall story. Spending all your money on the most expensive piece of gear is never the answer. Be patient and reasonable and try to do more with what you already have, and if you really have to buy something, make sure you do it for the right reasons.

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