Social Signals


Social SignalsAt AnPat Media we provide one of the best manually created social signals from old accounts to help better your SEO rankings, as well as your visitor confidence.

Quality over Quantity

It is imperative that we emphasise the high quality of our social signals compared to some of the other services provided, as we realise that there are a lot of social signal services out there that make use of bots (automated), which come across as being unnatural to both the search engines and the sites they are created on. At best there may be no negative effects from such poor quality signals, or on the other hand they may negatively affect your sites search rankings.

We recommend that you make use of manually implemented social signals as this will appear more natural to the search engines and your visitors and will have a more beneficial effect on your search rankings.

How Important Are Social Signals?

According to a Search Metrics (runs an important international SEO analysis service) Rank Correlation report, which you can down load here, not only shows that social signals are important for ranking, but that Google+, Facebook and Pinterest signals were now the highest correlation factors.

List of Social Signals We Offer Via Our Packages

  • Facebook Icon Facebook likes
  • Twitter Icon Twitter tweets
  • Pinterest Icon Pinterest pins
  • Google Plus Icon Google+ followers
  • Digg Icon Digg submissions
  • Stumbleupon Icon Stumbleupon submissions
  • Reddit Icon Reddit submissions
  • Slideshare Icon Slideshare submissions
  • Instagram Icon Instagram likes
  • Linkedin Icon Linkedin shares
  • Quora Icon Quora posting
  • Facebook Icon Facebook shares
  • Twitter Icon Twitter retweets
  • Pinterest Icon Pinterest repins
  • Google Plus Icon Google+ circles
  • Digg Icon Digg votes
  • Stumbleupon Icon Stumbleupon likes
  • Reddit Icon Reddit votes
  • Slideshare Icon Slideshare views
  • Instagram Icon Instagram followers
  • Flickr Icon Flickr views
  • Tumblr Icon Tumblr link sub & reblogs


Why not go and take a look at our package offerings to see which fits your requirements best?

Differences between High & Low Quality Social Signals:

  1. With low quality signals all accounts are recently created and at the same time, while we tend to create more realistic quantities of high quality social signals that are randomly spread over the course of the month. Our accounts are also aged for about 6 months before we link it to any business website.
  2. Low quality signals tend to have no friends, or there are very few with little interaction, giving an unreal feel. Our signals have real interactions with real users multiple times per week. Each of our accounts generates real friends, where there are comments about current events.
  3. On low quality signals, accounts are linked directly to your site or other businesses and so are obviously being used for business strategy. With our social signals the account profile is created and edited just like a real user would.
  4. With low quality signals they may be created by software or bots, which leave a huge footprint behind for search engines and social media sites to locate and take action against. We on the other hand create our signals manually by hand every time.

In conclusion you can see that with our high quality signals a clear message is sent out to the search engines that everything is real and created by humans using proxy services, with each account having its own dedicated IP address. Using this system will not only protect you from the risk associated with low quality signals, but will also maximise your power. Some of the risks that come with low quality signals are highlighted in an article entitled “Facebook acts on fake ‘likes’” and published on the BBC website, which comments on Facebook removing fake fans. You can read more on this here.

Reporting In Real Time

As part of our package deals we also provide real time reporting via a shared Google document. You can see an example of the report below.

Social Signals Report Example

Your Report Will Comprise Of:

  1. Tasks – Social media site likes, shares, tweets, etc…
  2. Start count and screenshot, so you can see what you had before we began
  3. Your social media current count, which indicates work done up to now
  4. The end count and screenshot, so you can see when the social signals were delivered