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Jul 302012

Support Services Our support services provide the following: customer support services for 24/7 web hosting support and general site and out of hours support, website maintenance for access to our maintenance packages and training, where you will find a selection of resources to help with using WordPress and Site Studio, access collaborative tools for training and video tutorials.

Customer Support – We offer 24/7 web hosting support via a mixture of phone, live chat, email form and an integrated ticketing system, which can be accessed through the control panel. There is also support during office hours for general site enquiries and out of hours support for our premium customers.

Website Maintenance – Our website maintenance packages provide a tailored solution to keep your site running smoothly and up to date. The packages range from basic for minimal support (plugin updates) to the deluxe support package for unlimited updates/amendments.

Training – On our training page you will be able to access resources for WordPress and Site Studio including video tutorials and collaborative tools such as, Webex for personalised training sessions.


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