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Web servicesOur web services provide the following: web hosting services, domain name registration, access to information on top level domains, ability to purchase secure socket layer certificates via the control panel and access to our marketing services.

Web Hosting Services – Here you will be able to select your preferred web hosting plan. We offer shared hosting packages, semi-dedicated servers hosting, virtual hosting (Virtuozzo VPS hosting and OpenVZ VPS hosting) and dedicated servers hosting.

Domain Name Registration – Your domain name is you on the internet, with this in mind it should ideally be something fairly easy to recall, or should reflect your firm so that customers can locate you without much hassle. You can register or transfer your domain name with us. We offer a quick domain registration process, competitive process, an excellent domain management interface and fantastic support.

Top Level Domain Information – We have a large number of TLDs (Top Level Domains) from the most popular TLDs (.COM, .NET, etc.) to country-specific TLDs (.US, .EU, etc.). The different TLDs also come with different features – with some TLDs you can get ID protection, while others can only be registered for 2 year periods, etc.

Secure Socket Layer Certificates – If you plan to use your domain name for an online store, then a SSL certificate is essential – it’s a service which will encrypt the connection between the site’s visitor and the site itself. With us, you can obtain and manage a SSL certificate from within your control panel.

Internet Marketing Services – Here you will be able to make use of our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services to improve your sites position in the search result on search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Bing and increase targeted visitors to your site. At AnPat Media we provide both on-page (part of site build) and off-page (upgrade for the professional SEO service) SEO strategies. You will be pleased to know that our internet marketing services also now include PPC (Pay Per Click) management, where we manage your Google Adwords account and a social signals service.

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