5 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Brand

On the overcrowded market of today, a company needs to stand out in order to prosper. Some people think branding is reserved only for big corporations and they could not be more wrong.  Building a solid and recognizable brand can get a startup off the ground and make it skyrocket in a short period of time. A bad first impression on the other hand is likely to be the last one you are going to make to a customer.

Why Every Business Needs a Brand

It takes more than a striking logo and catchy buzzwords to make a brand from scratch. It must reflect your company’s personality, show its character and values, and make an inviting promise to the customer. Note that brand building is an ongoing process requiring a constant investment of time, resources and creative juices.

1. Make money, save money

Branding is the answer to question why anyone would buy from you, and not from the cohorts of the competition. It states that you are competent, trustworthy and that your products and services are worth somebody’s money. The process of creating a brand is thus a great solution when your sales plummet and it seems that no new customers are knocking at your door.

Reaching out to them online or face-to-face is the way to expand the customer base and your market share.  A loyal and engaged client is willing to pay more for the product and service, and will keep coming back, so you can charge a premium. They also provide word of mouth promotion, an effective marketing you are not paying a dime for.

2. Operational Cohesion

Brand embodies that essence of the company’s philosophy that affects everyday business activities. It determines the cultural standards within the company and defines the expectations that are put before the workers. The brand can be the glue that holds the company together when different teams are out of sync and employees do not seem to be on the same page.

Branding also helps when a small business has problems attracting top talent and keeping it in the company . Your brand often does the talking for you, and makes a lasting impression on employees, partners and clients. It is possible to appear as though you have been in business for ages and to gain respect and recognition.

3. No Harm Done

A well-thought micro marketing and branding development campaigns can turn even a disadvantaged situation around and save your reputation. The same goes for good communication with consumers that provide constant feedback. For example, a 24/7 customer support on your website enables your clients to voice their concerns, and present their problems.

When you stay responsive and make an effort to solve the situation head-on and in a timely fashion, even the frustrated clients will realize they can rely on you and that you care about them.  They will be more prepared to forgive you, even when you or your employees mess up, which means that damage control mechanisms are enhanced.

4. Providing Guidance

Branding gives company a focus and a breath of fresh air when things are getting stale. Many businesses are wandering around the busy market, and trying to profit on catch-all strategies. But, nobody is an expert for everything, and it is a good idea to find your own gold mine, a thing you can specialize in.

Differentiation is the name of the game, so avoid sounding and looking like everyone else. Category clichés and other companies’ success stories are not part of your own identity, and brand should be a guiding light in discovering what your chance to hit big is. Tell your own story with words that have meaning and express your intimate culture and business goals.

5. Online marketing

With the current economic climate, nobody can afford to spend money like it is going out of style.  Cutting costs in a number of areas becomes priority, and marketing is one of those you can start with, provided that you have a brand strategy prepared. There is a myriad of cheap and effective online tools, and the surge of social media has been a game changer.

To create an indelible visual identity and establish a strong online presence, you might need to seek out professionals.  When I approached a local digital agency, they had no trouble understanding my needs and the mental picture I wanted to create for the buyers. Bear in mind that you cannot change your website design and marketing message every now and then if you want to see them seeded with the visitors.

Rise and fall

Your brand is who you are, and you rise and fall together. You need to prove that you deserve a seat at the big table, and no better way to pull it off than creating a brand that stands out and delivers. Customers want more bang for their buck, so you have to work harder and be smarter than the competition.

When your messages and activities are cohesive and consistent, people will assume that your services and products are as well. A brand is, hands down, the most valuable business asset you have at your disposal. It is what makes or breaks a company, and determines whether you will arrive at a promised business heaven or on the gloomy graveyards of broken dreams.

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