8 Different Ecommerce Apps, Plugins & Software Reviewed

Starting, running, and evolving an ecommerce store can be a tricky business.

There are a million things for you to look after and each day brings a new task for you to add your ever-growing list of duties. It’s tough work. If only there was something to help you…

Thankfully, there is a wealth of apps, plugins, and software that will not only make your life easier, but which will enhance, evolve, and expand your ecommerce business. Here are 8 of them.

Better Coupon Box

Have you ever worried that your visitors are leaving your store before you’ve had a chance to convert them into customers? Of course you have, it’s what keeps you awake at night. Well, not any more…

This marvellous piece of kit markets itself as being able to “capture 85% of visitors into potential customers.” It’s a bold claim, but it’s one that doesn’t fall down when considered against the reviews of your fellow ecommerce site owners:

Better Coupon Box ecommerce app review

Credit: Shopify


It’s compatible with all the big guns in the ecommerce world and is completely free – what greater incentive could you want to get it?


Like the good people at Yotpo say: “great brands are built on happy customers.” This splendid device makes its mission to let you show the world just how happy your customers are.

How does it work? By giving your customers a voice and a camera and enabling to upload their reviews and customers to your ecommerce site – yep, you’re thinking correctly: “free marketing for you, free marketing for you.”

It has received over 1,000 five-star reviews from Shopify store-owners, making it one of the highest ranked ecommerce apps out there, and these are just some of the brands to use it:

Selection of Brands Using Yotpo Ecommerce App

Credit: Yotpo

If that doesn’t make your mind up then I don’t know what will…

Abandon Aid

It’s one thing having people visit your site and then leave before you have the chance to turn them into customers. It’s another altogether when they get part of the way, and then scamper before they have actually bought your products.

Abandon Aid makes the prevention of cart abandonment its central mission. It does so by sending an automated personalized email to any customers who have abandoned their cart. What do its users say? This:

Abandon Aid Customer Reviews

Credit: Abandon Aid


Sending out abandoned cart emails should be one of your top ecommerce retargeting strategies. Why? It’s easy to scale, and has a great success rate.


What does JungleScout do? What doesn’t it do more like! Well, it can’t do the crossword, park your car, or feed your fish. But what it can do is identify the top products within your niche and then track their performance on Amazon.

Why might that be useful? I’ll tell you why. Because this helps you both launch and scale your business by letting you see what’s actually profitable in your industry. You can then focus on the products that are selling the best with your target market and audience. Don’t just take my word for it, though:

JungleScout Ecommerce App Reviews

Credit: JungleScout


Brighter minds than mine have said this about Ahrefs: “if you could only afford one SEO, research tool – it would be Ahrefs.” It’s a bold statement, but it’s not an unfair one. But why is that? Because Ahrefs is the SEO tool.

It’s the tool because it lets you track and view the SEO stats for your site and your competitors (any other site, within reason).

Why is this important? SEO is what is leading people to your site and people on your site become customers. So Ahrefs allows you to increase the amount of visitors to your site and the number of customers for your business. It’s a no-brainer

Ahrefs Ecommerce App Customer Reviews

Credit: Ahrefs


It sounds like the title character in a Studio Ghibli masterpiece and that faraway image isn’t a million miles from the truth; Oberlo is a tool that lets you source, import, customise, and track dropshipped products.

This is invaluable if you want to keep the overheads of your ecommerce business low because it helps you to run a business without holding any physical stock, leaving you to focus on the important details – profit. Here’s what’s been said by your peers:

Oberlo Ecommerce App Customer Reviews

Credit: Oberlo



Time is money, money is profit, profit is the thing that’s going to buy you your next yacht – well, maybe not quite a yacht. The purpose of Tickspot is that it helps you to keep within budget.

It does this by allowing you to track the amount of time that you have spent on your projects against your budgets. It’s not a complicated principle, but in the grand scheme of things it could be one of the most valuable pieces of software that you get for your ecommerce store.

And let’s be clear, if it’s used by Harvard University (sorry Cambridge graduates) who are we mere intellectual mortals to argue with the power of Tickspot?

Tickspot Ecommerce App Trusted Businesses


Credit: Tickspot



Following from the less-than-rock’n’roll Tickspot is Wave. It’s not going to be the tool that gets you bouncing out bed in the morning, but it will be the milk that you pour over your coco pops.

Simply, it’s an absolutely invaluable and free accounting and invoicing platform – I said it was no Mick Jagger.

But while it might be dull it will make your life that much easier and when you need to complete the finance side of your business (as all ecommerce owners must do) this will let you handle things by yourself, saving you the cost of hiring an accountant.

Wave Ecommerce App Customer Review

Credit: Wave


So there you have it, 8 tools that your ecommerce store which you should give real consideration to adding to your business.

While they alone won’t turn your store into the next Amazon, they will make your life considerably easier and give you the potential to make your business even more profitable. And let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you want those two things?

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