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Advantages of Pay Per Click Google AdWords

Last updated on 02/08/2020 at 16:17

Pay per click Google AdWords is a popular tool that you can use to generate traffic online. These types of ad management tools are very effective in promoting your brand by enabling you to run ad campaigns where people click on your displayed ad within the search results. For small business owners, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business.

The good thing about Pay per click Google AdWords is that you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. Your investment depends on how much you have bid for the targeted key words. The higher you bid for the targeted key words, the better will be your chances of your advertisement being placed on top of the list in the search engines.

Pay per click Google AdWords campaigns require a specialized skill and unless you have an expertise in running such campaigns, you should hire a professional PPC managment service, where they are more likely to have the required expertise and experience to run successful campaigns.

Keywords Pay Per Click Google AdWords

Professionals are better placed to help you select the right keyword/s. A good SEO team knows which are the best key words which represent your product/service or the website you want to promote. Carefully researched keyword combinations targeted in your niche can help increase traffic to your site.

You should soon see a noticeable increase in the traffic to your site after a few days of running a campaign. A campaign lasting for 3 to 12 months is sufficient time to help bring good traffic to your website.

Setting up a pay per click Google AdWords campaign can be straightforward when you know what you are doing. In the first instance create an account, then select the best keywords to promote your brand (this part requires some skill and research), write the ad and then bid per click. Set your maximum bid for the targeted keywords. You can also select whether you want your advertisement to appear on Google search engine, other websites or your choice of websites.

When choosing keywords it is best to select long tail keywords as there tends to be less competition for them, thus they have a better ROI and cost less to bid on. Long tail keywords are more specific for example website design Bournemouth and are ideal for the smaller business who have a much smaller advertising budget.

Pay Per Click Google AdWords campaigns can be very profitable when done correctly. If you feel the need to role up your sleeves and do some DIY Pay Per Click then you should take a look at this article which gives a detailed guide on mastering Google Adwords.

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