Avoid 5 Common Mistakes Designing A Business Website

With more people all over the world using the internet every day, and especially for finding businesses, it’s essential that each business has a well-developed and optimised website to represent their business, stay in contact with customers, and help to develop new leads and customer base. Here we look at 5 common mistakes business websites make and how you can avoid them, in order to develop a stunning website that presents the best of your business to your customers.

Business Website Design

1. Unfriendly Design

How easy is it for visitors to navigate your website? If you can’t answer this questions because you don’t know, or if you know your site is too cluttered and messy, then you have a website problem on your hands. Getting a qualified and experienced designer to design your website properly making it easy to access, search and find the relevant information needed can really do wonders for your business website. Keeping it simple, with engaging image, useful links and a sitemap or directory can go a long way in making your site not only more user friendly, but more appealing as well, encouraging visitors to click through and learn more about your business and what you do. Internal links are also an important side to this, which not only help to direct customers around your site to other relevant and interesting content you have, but also to help optimise your website for search engines and make your website and your business more easy to find.

2. No Optimisation

If you have a business website and you want customers to be able to find you on Google, Bing, or other search sites, then you need to be implementing search engine optimisation to provide the best possible chance of this happening. Search engine optimisation is a process by which experts can help you make your website more easily readable by search engines, which means people searching for the products or services your business offers are more likely to find your business. If you don’t optimise your website, it could be harder for customers to find you on Google, and you will get less visits and less customers.

3. Poor Content

Is your website content interesting, engaging and valuable? Does it leave the reader wanting more and lead them to click through the website? Or does it contain poor grammar, spelling mistakes and bad sentence structure that turn the reader off within seconds? More and more so these days, content is king, so well written and engaging content is a must. Don’t be afraid to provide value in your content. Providing information that your customers and clients actually want and need is not only a great way to bring them to your site and keep them there, it also helps them establish trust in you as a company who know their field well. Good content is also SEO-optimised, so it covers some aspect of that side of things that help to keep you track to having a great website overall.

4. No Contact and Sharing Buttons

One of the reasons for having a business website is that many people look online for businesses they want to contact as a first point of call. If your website doesn’t have contact information for your business, then you aren’t really making it easier for people to find you in a variety of ways, mainly in that they can’t directly contact you with enquiries or business interest. Listing your contact details such as address, phone and email is one thing. But it’s also useful to have a contact form or contact button, as this not only helps customers to quickly and easily contact you, but helps you to collect customer information as well. Sharing buttons that connect the customer to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram sites or allow them to instantly like or share content are also extremely popular and essential for keeping you and your customers connected.

5. No Call To Action

Whether your business website is simply for information or whether it is a full ecommerce site, you need to have a call to action on your site, that lets your visitors convert from just ‘interested’ to customers. It is important to give interested visitors that extra ‘push’ towards committing and choosing your business, reminding them of the many benefits and advantages of choosing you.

By making sure you don’t make any of these business website mistakes, you can ensure success for your business on the internet. You are also recommended to read the web hosting reviews before choosing the web hosting services for launching your website. You can find several web hosting review sites such as HostingReviewBox.com to compare the services.

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