How To Bring A Bit Of Luxe To The Inbox: Learn From Luxury Email Marketing

When we think about luxury, the mind conjures something exclusive, something valuable, something more extravagant than what we experience every day. As a designer, you’re in the business of creating unique, carefully crafted visuals and experiences. Which is why it’s so nonsensical that so many designers fall back on pre-made email templates when it comes to their client communications.

Of course, it takes a lot of time and dedication to make sure your recipients are benefitting from a luxury experience every time an email lands in their inbox. But when you’re in the business of design, this is a big opportunity to not only stay in touch, but showcase what you can do. If you’re willing to go the extra mile to bring a bit of luxe to your email campaigns, you may find it works wonders for your business.

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Offer the Pure Wool Top Hat of Gated Content

As consumers, we love nothing more than the VIP treatment. Things are more special when not everybody has them. It’s for this reason that luxury items are often associated with exclusivity.

Adopting an indiscriminate approach to email won’t provide a luxury experience. Whereas, if you were to offer valuable, insightful gated content available only to subscribers, the benefits are twofold: genuinely interested parties will sign up to read your content, and you won’t end up spamming those that aren’t.

Another way to add exclusivity to your campaigns is to create an invite-only email list, so members feel they have been chosen, rather than being part of a free-for-all.

Ditch the Polyester Tyranny of Overused Templates

When you use a website builder, many of the best ones come with free business email accounts and a range of templates to boot. Which is great, but here’s the thing – imagine you’re holding a glossy catalogue. Flipping through the pages, you can see how much work has gone into it. It begs the question: why should your email marketing be any different?

Spending time on original visual marketing demonstrates the value of your services and gives you a competitive edge. Why rely on templates when you have the skills to craft something unique? Many designers find Dreamweaver the best for emails, as its preview pane mirrors what Outlook will display. Alternatively, you may prefer to use Photoshop and Illustrator to make the image assets, along with a text editor like Sublime Text for the code.

Create a Fine Bone China Email Account

This one is a quick win that can make a real difference to how you are perceived. A Gmail or Yahoo! address is perfectly serviceable for your own personal email affairs, but when you’re dealing with clients, having a professional email account, i.e., will show them you’re the real deal.

Google Apps for Business or Office 365 for Business are generally thought to be the best options out there for setting up a business email, and they’re not as expensive as you might think – only around £3 per month. Of course, you can be creative with it as well. is a safe bet (unless your name isn’t John), but some prefer to go with something friendly or role-based, like or

Get In Touch With Your Inner Joanna Lumley

There’s very little point putting effort into the appearance of luxury if it’s ruined the moment someone starts reading your content. If you’re going to be sending regular emails to subscribers, it’s important to think about your tone of voice. Get it right, and you will cultivate an impression of exclusivity and mystique. Get it wrong, and you might sound like an idiot.

Luxury is all about consistency, and good aesthetics will never be able to mask poor content. Right now, the industry leans towards a more informal tone of voice, favouring simple, chatty language over a more commercial tone. When you look back over your business email campaigns, check for consistency in tone, and ask yourself whether it truly reflects what you’re about.


So if you want to create a luxurious email marketing experience, start by removing yourself from the vast noise of email spam and create something truly valuable. Remember, it’s better to send emails less frequently and work to produce something genuinely delightful that your customers will be glad to receive. Focus on maintaining an air of value and exclusivity – and use it as an opportunity to showcase your skills. Don’t forget to tell us how you get on!


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