David Magee Interview

Interview with David Magee from Dunwiley

On today’s show, my guest is David Magee. David specialises in strategy, sales, marketing and delivery.

David has over 9 years experience in technology and management positions, and has a real passion for seeing businesses grow and prosper. David has acted as interim-CEO for an investment funded software start-up in the U.S., been Operations Director of a leading U.K. product design consultancy and managed high-risk aerospace development projects for a global science and technology firm. David specialises in strategy, sales, marketing and delivery.

In the interview we go into David’s unusual upbringing and how that made him the person who he became, enabling him to see projects to there conclusion and help to grow businesses.

David’s surprising upbringing and his ability to overcome life’s challenges should inspire us all in bettering ourselves.

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David’s website is www.dunwiley.co.uk.

David can be contacted at:
[email protected] or call 01722 329290

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