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The Ingredients of a Landing Page

Last updated on 15/02/2020 at 00:31

Anyone can create a landing page, but a successful landing page will contain four key components: simplicity, clarity, credibility, and a call to action. These components raise the success rate for landing pages, just as they do for other marketing campaigns such as direct mail or magazine ads. Higher conversion rates are the number one sign of a successful landing page. Struggling to improve the conversion rate? Make sure your page has the following:


Landing pages shouldn’t have to be flashy; simplicity offers an advantage. Landing pages should retain design similarities and continuity with the original linking newsletter or ad. Fonts, colors, and images from the original offer should carry to the copy on the landing page. Breaking this connection could decrease positive response from prospects and lead to fewer sales as readers may feel they have been taken to the wrong place.

Simplicity also means stripping down the design. While your website may have a navigation bar and other elements common to every page, consider putting the absolute minimum on the landing page. Make the easiest click they can make the one you want them to make.

Ingredients of a Landing Page


Prospects should be guided throughout their journey. Landing pages should tease prospects into responding. Graphics and copy should be simple and clear, not loud and overwhelming. If a landing page’s purpose is to incite prospects to purchase a product or service, complete information and relevant benefits should be included. Visitors won’t decide to make a purchase without being provided enough information to make an informed decision.

Clarity builds on simplicity by focusing the reader on a very specific task: the next step in the sales process.


An informed decision feels better when the page has credibility. You can add to the sense of credibility to your content using:

  • Testimonials
  • Awards
  • Certifications
  • Endorsements
  • Recognition
  • Guarantees
  • Privacy Statements

Credibility builders are an important component of brand building, especially for new businesses. Including credibility builders in landing pages can increase trust and reduce risks for potential customers. This will encourage visitor response and conversion. But balance credibility statements with simplicity and clarity. Don’t saturate the landing page with tons of credibility statements. Pick one or two that give you the most bang for your space.


Every successful landing page includes a call to action. Businesses that wish to obtain more inquiries or sales must provide some direction for prospects to follow. Sometimes you will need to encourage visitors with something extra. Prospects often respond in a positive manner to free promotional offers such as:

The key word here is free. Everyone loves something for nothing. Businesses that offer exclusive or limited time incentives will notice an immediate increase in conversion rates. It’s only natural for prospects to desire some benefit or reward for following through with a request. For example, Digital-Restaurant.co.uk has incorporated clear call to action button on its restaurant online reservation system landing page [click here to check the landing page] and it helps it convert more people into paying customers.

Even if you don’t offer something free, guide visitors to a next step – whether that’s calling you, clicking to the next page, inputting their email address, or downloading a white paper. Don’t get them to the page without guiding them to the next step.

Landing pages are a critical piece to most any marketing campaign – digital or print. Improving conversions often means stepping back and examining whether a landing page is focused enough to help a visitor quickly digest information and take the next step in your sales process. Simplicity and clarity will help visitors focus on exactly what you want them to see. Credibility gives your site a necessary boost to help readers feel at ease. And the call to action is necessary to give the visitor direction.

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