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Top 10 Mistakes that Make your Website Look Unprofessional

Last updated on 14/02/2020 at 20:16

Right design for your website is more important than you can imagine. When it comes to online businesses, the visitors judge your business based on the design of your website. You will have to give your visitors a reason to trust you and this can be done only if you can grab their attention within those first few seconds when they are on our website. Tiniest details of your website design matter here. However, you need to observe and fix these details if you want to build a website that helps in improving the trust of your customers. Here is a list of top ten mistakes that amateur web designers usually make that end up making their websites look thoroughly unprofessional:

Wrong use of the Templates: Although it is not totally wrong to use a template, you need to make sure that you are customizing it to your brand. You have to make sure the colors and font used in your logo match with the other parts of your website. Obviously templates fail to create that connection between your logo and the rest of your website, which in turn fail to gain the trust of your visitors.

Making use of the Default Bootstrap Look: ‘If you want to create an impression for your brand, you will have to make your website look unique, there is no way around this’ – says Mark, a web designer working for Flow20. Using the default bootstrap design won’t help you reach anywhere there. This look may make your website look awesome with excellent interfaces; yet it won’t be any different from the several other websites that use the same design.

Issues with Typography Contrast: Fonts are not just letters; they have the power to make or break the design of your website. However, people generally overlook the importance of fonts when they create their own websites. The contrast that has to be there between the headings and the body fonts is either too little or not there at all. Only a few variations in the size may not do it for you. You can at least use a bolder weight when designing your headline font so that it looks different from the rest of your website.

Dark Backgrounds: The background color is something that has to be chosen with great care. Dark backgrounds can affect the readability of your content negatively. Staying below 15% of black may help if you are choosing gray as your background color.

Too many Calls to Action: Ideally one webpage should have only one call-to-action. Too many CTAs can confuse your visitors and delay their decision-making processes. Try making your Call-to-action as simple as possible.

Problems with Alignment and Spacing:  To avoid such problems it is better to group your elements together and remember to leave enough white space in between these groups.

Unprofessional Copy: Awkward sentences, wrong grammar and spelling mistakes can make your copy look unprofessional. Even if you cannot hire a professional web content writer, it is better to get your copy proofread before you launch your site live.

Top 10 Mistakes - Contrast

Readability Issues: No matter how great your copy is, it will not make that impact unless it is readable. Fonts, line height and contrast are things you need to pay attention to, while fixing such problems.

Inconsistency: You have to maintain consistency when it comes to developing your brand. Your social media page, your blog, your Facebook ads, your website and even your offline materials need to be recognizable with your brand.

Top 10 Mistakes - Off Trend Design

Off-trend Design: Make sure the design you choose for your website is not outdated. Use some amount of creativity and follow the standard guidelines while designing your website.

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