How Walmart Has Been Incorporating Social Commerce

I was recently contacted by Karthik Reddy Community Manager at webmastersjury via Linked In to share their infographic on “Social Commerce”. I said I would oblige provided they supply me with an article to accompany the infographic to give more value. So below is the supplied article and a link at the bottom to the infographic. Please share and leave comments.

Social commerce is a type of electronic commerce that employs social media to promote online transactions.

Social commerce uses tools like shared pick lists and ratings posted by previous users to assist online buyers with their transactions. And it also includes other social platforms such as forums and communities that allow buyers and sellers to discuss their differing views on shopping interactions.

But when it comes to Walmart and social commerce, it has recently announced that it is going to launch a new online home shopping experience that is going to let the buyers discover items they like, based on their shopping style. Mind, not shopping history per se but based on the way one shops, instead.

This move is the first glimpse into Walmart’s broader campaign to redesign its website with a focus on fashion and home furnishings. This redesigned website is going to be launched later this year and it is going to mirror how people shop for different items. While some purchases like groceries are transactional, others like fashion and home furnishings require more discovery.

Social Commerce

The revamped Walmart’s home shopping site features curated collections and nine shop-by-style options; bohemian, modern, and traditional are among them. It is also going to offer design tips that will help its shoppers pull items together.

This is a move that has come to Walmart, indirectly, thanks to its biggest competitor Amazon. Walmart has been working to improve the ecommerce business which still accounts for less than 4% of its total sales. Walmart has overhauled the shipping strategy and expanded the number of items online to the impressive 75 million.

In home furnishings, it doubled the number of products online from a year ago and introduced a new collection of furniture for children.

But Amazon has also been growing its home furniture offerings. It sells its own exclusive brands of furniture, sheets and even other home goods. It also started selling sofas, lamps and rugs last year, and even has introduced asking experts for design advice. Then again, what doesn’t Amazon sell nowadays?

We have yet to see where this new social commerce strategy is going to take Walmart. If you’re interested in learning more about social commerce and other big companies, take a look at the infographic below.

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