Web Design Marketing Techniques None Should Be Using Anymore

Web Design Marketing Techniques

Although at times some web design marketing techniques may seem like they will never be surpassed, things easily change. What was a pinnacle in an industry yesterday could tomorrow not only be inadequate, but completely unacceptable. The world of web marketing is no exception. With this in mind, here are some of the web design marketing techniques that, even though worked in the past, should no longer be used.


The most obvious first spot on this list goes to none other than notorious pop-ups. This method may have had some initial success when it first came to existence, but on all of the latest surveys, it was described as the most annoying digital thing. Ever. Because of this, almost any business that tries to do work this way undergoes a serious risk of gaining a bad reputation. Be that as it may, pop-ups should be the number one thing on your list of things to avoid in digital marketing.

Auto-play Media

It is innate in our species that we constantly try to be in control of things. Perhaps this is why most people react negatively to auto-play media. Although most believe that this only brings more diversity to your page, it more often than not has an adverse effect. From the technical aspect as well, as you know the more media you have, the slower your page works, and for auto-play this goes multifold.

Chat Box

There is probably nothing that inspires less trust than an unknown person on your chat box. Still, if what you are expecting is aid from technical support this might be a good thing. However, in order to make any chat box on your page presentable it should respect two basic principles. First, it should be of an appropriate size. Enormous chat box probably covers most of the screen and is therefore both impractical and unaesthetic. Second principle is however quite simple, it should never open too soon. All things must be kept in moderation.

Complicated Navigation

Now, when we say complicated, this is not something related to how difficult it is to comprehend it. It is about how long it takes an average visitor to get where he or she wants to be. Simplistic navigation, will allow anyone on your website to find what they were looking for without having to click on a dozen links. Keeping things simple is one of the key traits of a successful page.

Lack of Social Media Buttons

If there is one word that describes 21st century than this word is hyper-connectivity. How good your page represents this notion, greatly determines its value. In this manner, the lack of social media buttons is a serious offence; as well as one that is not easily forgiven. What you need to do is show everyone that your site, is just one part of a much larger scheme of things and what better way to do this than making your social media share buttons present and transparent.

Being too Pushy

A well design page is never too pushy, it respects your time and offers you only the relevant data (what you were there for in the first place). For example, if you were to throw a web design conference, what you don’t want is to drown your visitors with a bunch of unnecessary information. What you want is a transparent well organized page that informs about specifics and uses wordpress event ticketing plugin to supply one’s client base with tickets for the event in question. Simple, efficient, elegant.


Using flash nowadays is difficult in two completely different aspects. First, it poses an additional inconvenience from a technical standpoint. Namely, it is extremely difficult for search engines to read flash, which may result in page not being indexed. Another problem with flash is a fact that it takes a lot of time to load and this causes a lot of frustration in site’s visitors. All in all, flash may be a good asset to your website if you play your cards right but the risk seldom pays off.

Javascript Tricks

The key thing in doing business of any kind lies in trust. Because of this, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why using Javascript to override browser is a bad business move. Weather it is a pop-up that cannot be closed or a website that opens a lot of links on their own, this is a method that any serious business should most definitely avoid.

Click Bait

Last but not the least, one of the greatest web design marketing plights of today is definitely click-bait technique. Sure, by disguising your link as something people might find interesting you may lure them to your page. However, this does not only lead to people abandoning the page in anger but also to penalties from various renowned sites and social networks like Facebook.

It would be absurd to talk about that single thing that can make or break success. However, if we had to choose just one thing it would be ability to adapt to the newly arisen situation. Even though this sometimes means accepting new concepts that show potential, on other occasions it means abandoning methods that are obsolete.

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