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We are a one stop shop offering tailored web, print and graphic design solutions to small and medium size enterprises across various niches helping businesses achieve their goals. We are able to provide a wide range of services including hosting, domain name registration, WordPress training and internet marketing. Our creative services include website design, graphic design and editorial.

We are able to provide 24/7 support with our self-hosted packages and our website design service is supported with an extensive maintenance option, that you can take out to keep your site up to date and well maintained. We pride ourselves on offering an end-to-end service, this saves you time and allows us to develop a long-standing working relationship. We serve the Pool/Bournemouth area and the wider global community. Contact us to discuss a project. If you would like to keep up with the latest developments from AnPat Media then sign up to our newsletter

Meet The Team

Andrew Paton Creative Director Working at Desk

Andrew Paton

Creative Director

AnPat Media founder, which has been fashioned out by his love of design and a desire to serve the wider community.  Andrew has 6+ years experience working with WordPress and has been building websites since 2003. Specialising in WordPress, blogging, web and graphic design.

Freelance Workers


Various Freelance Workers

We have access to a number of freelancers who we call on their services on a per project basis. They provide a range of skills such as, graphic design, photography, videography, editorial, paid advertising, web development, translation and social media management services.

Hosting Support

Hosting Support

Hosting Support Team

We are webhosting resellers and as resellers we have access to a dedicated hosting support team that are available 24/7 via your hosting control panel. You can have access to our dedicated support team when you take out one of our self-hosted packages. 


Content Creation

As part of our content creation services we offer website design (landing page, micro site, CMS, e-commerce), graphic design (social media banners, web graphics, logos), document design (ebooks, business stationery, printing), editorial (proofreading, editing, copywriting, translation) and whiteboard animations (explainer videos). For more info get in touch.


If you don’t have the time to manage your site, then you should consider a website maintenance package. Our packages provide a monthly payment solution to keep your WordPress site running smoothly and up to date. The advantages of paying a fixed monthly fee, is you know upfront how much your maintenance is to be, so you can budget for it. Learn More

Digital marketing

We can assist you with your on-page and off-page SEO work and help you with your keyword research. Along with these services we also provide paid advertising (Pay Per Click) and social media management. For more information regarding our services feel free to get in touch.


We run a 20 hour WordPress training course over 5 sessions. This can be taken as part of a group or one to one in the Bournemouth / Ferndown area. The course is aimed at beginners to intermediate and will empower you to manage your own WordPress site, as well as be able to customise the theme. For more info see our WordPress training course details. 

Consultancy Services

We offer a FREE no obligation critique of your WordPress website to highlight areas for improvement. These can be broken down into the following sections: UI, UX, mobile friendly, copy, site speed, Onpage-SEO and security. We will provide you with a detailed report at the end of the assessment. You can then chose how you wish to proceed, i.e. take up our service or get someone else to implement the changes. To learn more get in touch.







On-page SEO


Website Design Stages


Information gathering stage. Go over site brief, including design specifications, target market, site objectives, ideal customer, budget etc..., timeline, setting of milestones and payments.



Review / create an SEO strategy around the website. Organise site content into a user-friendly format. It is at this stage will get an idea of any missing content that needs to be added before commencing the design. The planning stage is an opportunity for you to understand your role in providing content within an agreed timeframe.



This step focuses on the look and feel of the site. Here we will work with you to select a WordPress theme that closely matches your brief. Before selecting a theme we will look at several sites that you like and take the best design elements from each to work with. Where required a site mockup will be created to aid in the development process.



At this stage we start looking at the code and building the chosen design elements into the site/theme along with adding the content so it all fits nicely together. We also test the site and make sure all the content is responsive and displays correctly on mobile devices, desktop and on laptops, as well as on all the main browsers.


Go Live

This is the final stage of the development process. Before the site goes live we will go over our checklist to make sure everything has been covered. Then we will get this signed off by you and have the site go live once all parties are happy. The next thing is to carry out any training that needs doing as part of the handover process.



This stage is optional and involves taking out one of our maintenance packages, which is determined by how frequently you will require updating. We have packages that cater for occasional updates to frequent updating. We will also keep all your plugins, Wordpress and Theme up to date and resolve any issues that may arrise from an update.



Case Studies

Client: MW Estate Planning

Brief: To create a whiteboard animation targeted at the protective property trust market, which illustrates the advantages of having a protective property trust in place and what could potentially happen should you not have one. Aimed at heterosexual couples who share a house together. Within the animation, a couple of scenarios are to be played out to demonstrate how the protective property trust works.

Outcome: The client provided some of the images and script, as well as the voice over, as it was thought that it would come across as more genuine/natural. AnPat Media pulled all the elements together and added further images that were adapted to create the drawing action of the hand. Further to this, the animation was converted to a video and synced with the voice over. On completion, the video was sent to the client to be uploaded to his YouTube video account.

Subsequently to the original animation creation, which was created for Talk Wills & Trusts, a redesign was requested. All logos, fonts and colours were changed to that of the MW Estate Planning branding. Also to further enforce the new branding and differentiate it from Talk Will & Trusts all the images were changes and some of the graphics to give a very different identity.

Client: el RHEY

Brief: To complete the e-commerce site within two weeks for product launch day. To take over from where the previous designer had left off and complete to clients design specifications, keeping to the brand guidelines. As part of the brief would need to be able to work with the warehouse team, where the products are stored and delivered from, as the website needs to integrate with the warehouse software, so can manage stock (stock control).

Outcome: We worked closely with the client to keep to the brand style guidelines. The old site was kept while we created a copy and placed on the test server so to reduce any downtime. We also ran several tests to make sure the integration with the warehouse software was working. As part of this process, we had to install a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, so data transferred between site and warehouse software would be encrypted. On the day, we were able to take down the old site and replace with the new and setup the connection with the warehouse software with minimal disruption. After that, all email accounts on the old server were copied onto the new server and configured for staff.

Client: Ixaha

Brief: To take over the Ixaha e-commerce website design and complete it. Keeping to the corporate colours and enabling the client to sell his t-shirt designs.

Outcome: Completed site build sticking to the corporate colours, added all products and set up all possible product variations. Tested site for mobile devices and on main browsers, also set up the stripe payment gateway and to accept payments via Apple. We also did on page SEO for the site and trained the client to use his social media channels and WordPress.

Client: SDS Smart Repair

Brief: To design business stationery (business cards, A5 flyers and letter headed paper) keeping to the corporate styles. Also to see to the printing and delivery.

Outcome: After consulting with the client we put some design ideas together and then made some further tweaks to the chosen designs. Once the designs were approved by the client we contacted our printer and had the business stationery printed to the clients specifications and we delivered it to the clients premises after receiving the printed material. 

Client: Lemongrass

Brief: Turn the then current site into a content managed site that can easily be updated and add some new features such as, an events page and a newsletter subscription capture form. To enable easy updating of the food menus in real time and be mobile friendly. Able to update customers via a blog feed.

Outcome: We created a WordPress mobile friendly theme that closely matched the then current site, added a newsletter subscription capture form to the home page so as not to alter the site structure too much. Using the Modern Tribes Events plugin as a framework for the events page, we went about customising it to take on the look and feel of the site. We also included a blog page for adding content.

For the menus we used the Food and Drink Menu plugin and customised it to fit in with the website design. This enables the client to be able to update the menus in real time, including text, dishes, full menus, images and adding new categories. As part of the service, we included all the clients' latest food menus so when the site was launched, all the menus were up to date. The client could then concentrate on his business knowing the menus were sorted and be in position to make changes to the menus as and when required.

The Body Sculpting blog is based on a premium Genesis theme that was customized to optimise it for a better customer experience with newsletter and monetization (affiliate products and Google Adsense), as well as the creation of an Amazon shop, About Me page and pages for Legal Documents. The blog comes with a mobile version that displays when using a mobile device. The site is geared towards health, exercise and diet for optimum fat loss, based on the low carb lifestyle and introduces users to the true human diet.

As part of the design package taken by Kathryn McCubbin of Pinkshades Fitness, I created a number of Pinkshades Fitness business stationery documents for her. They included a letterhead with logo at top and the iconic pink shades in the background, an A6 promotional flyer and a PARQ form (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) for her clients to fill in.

Client: Albion Hobbies & Albion Alloys

Brief: To redesign both the Hobbies and Alloys sites. Add a private trades membership section to Hobbies, have Albion Alloys translated into several European languages and improve site navigation and SEO.

Outcome: Redesigned Albion Hobbies making it easier for visitors to navigate the site. Made the site structure more SEO friendly and the various products more accessible. Added a private membership area for trades people.

As part of phase 1 Albion Alloys had the site structure made more SEO friendly along with more copy added and the SEO improved. In phase 2 we added a translation functionality and our in-house translator did the translation in German & French, while the Italian was outsourced. 

Website Packages

Landing Page

from £ 197Per Project
  • Is ideal for promoting your services/products, apps and for showcasing your portfolio, or displaying your online CV. Makes use of a sleek modern design, loads quickly and is low maintenance.
  • Compatible with All Main Browsers
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Flat HTML Site

Micro Site

from £ 397Per Project
  • Great for niche markets or affiliate marketeers. You are able to write blog posts to promote services, or products, or books and generate traffic. Great platform to engage your audience on and convert.
  • Compatible with All Main Browsers
  • Mobile Friendly
  • WordPress CMS


Most Popular
from £ 950Per Project
  • Update content without code, use to promote services, or products, or showcase portfolio. Can be adapted to specific niche's e.g, offer real time updateable food menus, or add a booking form.
  • Compatible with All Main Browsers
  • Mobile Friendly
  • WordPress CMS


from £ 1200Per Project
  • Enables you to sell physical and digital products online, or sell affiliate products, promote your products, add products to your shop, engage your audience via the blog and build your email list. 
  • Compatible with All Main Browsers
  • Mobile Friendly
  • WordPress CMS + Cart

Maintenance Packages


£ 63Per Month
  • Light maintenance *
  • Up to 5 hours
  • Monthly


Most Popular
£ 105Per Month
  • Moderate maintenance *
  • Up to 10 hours
  • Monthly


£ 150Per Month
  • Heavy maintenance *
  • Up to 15 hours
  • Monthly

All website maintenance packages exclude website design and any development work. These packages are only for maintenence, which covers plugin, WordPress and theme updates, updating content, adding content such as copy, video and images, database optimisation and making some simple theme customisations such as, change of font colour or style, some background colour changes, etc... See Client Terms of Engagement for more detail.

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