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Three Benefits of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging refers to the practice of writing blog posts or articles for other websites. This is done owing to the fact that there are innumerable websites that require original and authentically written posts on topics that are relevant to their content. Also, a guest blogger may have a website that shares some relevance with the site they are writing for thus enabling both parties to mutually benefit. For instance, the blogging site may permit for backlinks in the blogger’s bio in order to ascertain the authenticity of the author while the same links also ensure that the guest writer can take advantage of the traffic generated by the blogging site.

The Three Advantages of Guest Blogging Are As Follows:

1. Improved Writing Skills

Admittedly, no one is perfect in writing great material from the outset. And what sets apart great writers from ordinary ones is the adequate practice in order to arrive at their masterpiece. It is thus advisable to blog and write about topics that interest you and ensure that you have a genuine readership. By doing this, you are likely to succeed in having a niche readership since blogging sites are always on the lookout for authoritative and genuinely written articles. Excellent writing skills will ensure legitimate traffic to a site thereby improving not only it’s ranking, but its traffic conversion ratio as well.

2. Increased Link Juice

Needless to say, a site is of no use unless it can make the owner some money. This is because hosting a website involves utilizing resources- effort, time, and money- and there is no need to waste these if you are not going to earn a single penny. However, by guest posting, you are more likely to earn money as well as figuring higher in search engine results. And since one of the many criteria used by search engines is the number of quality links that point towards a site, the more links you provide that link directly to the site will ensure that the site you blog/write for is consistently ranked high through quality backlinks.

3. Establishes You as an Authority

Quality blog posts are vital in making a website relevant and popular. By having authoritative and well written blog posts, the site you write for stands to establish itself as an authority on the subject/s. This soon translates to higher rankings by search bots as they love sites that offer readers authentic information.

If you are not overly keen on having guest bloggers write for you’re site you can use platforms like iWriter to get your content written for you. They have access to a large volume of freelance writers across the globe. You can choose from 4 writing tiers standard, premium, elite and elite plus. As you go up the tiers the writing improves and the cost goes up. I have had a few of my posts written using iWriter and have found that if you go too cheap what you get is pure rubbish and looks like it has been created by an auto blog script, that just rearranges the copy to make it look unique based on your chosen keywords. I have had to in some cases rewrite parts of the article so it comes across more natural. I would suggest if you are going to go down this route to go premium or elite depending on your budget. This is an example article that I had written using the iWriter site: – I also had to tweak it a bit so it read like it was written by a human.

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